Disclaimer: There will be additional changes to the website right up until the conference.  You will receive updates through built-in messaging on the website.  If you are experiencing an issue or have a question, contact [email protected].


Watch The Webinar to learn how to use this site.

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This home page gives general information about the location, dates and sponsors for the event.

  • Access the HUG website, the HawkSoft website, and click on the AUGIE meeting, which is being co-located with ours – 1 day earlier – Sunday from 2-5pm.
  • Check out some of the premier sponsors by clicking on their logos.  
  • This year, HUG celebrated 5 years, and got a refresh. We have a brand new HUG LOGO!!  We will also be launching a new HUG website in the coming week(s).  We are super excited – it will run on Active Agency, and built by our partner, Forge3.  Be on the lookout!  

As a quick thank you, we would also like to recognize our hybrid/production partner, SEAS, who has built this HUG National Conference website.  You will see lots of them in black shirts in San Diego – their base town – they will be live streaming all our sessions and serve as our primary A/V team on-site. 


Find and register for all sessions here. 

  • Your menu options include 
    • My Schedule – showing the classes you are registered/RSVPed for
    • Day 1 Schedule –  Displays the full schedule for Monday, October 18th in time order.  You can search by keyword or filter the list by Category (e.g. Accounting, Commercial Lines, CSR, etc) 
    • Day 2 Schedule – Displays the full schedule for Tuesday, October 19th in time order. You can search by keyword or filter the list by Category (e.g. Accounting, Commercial Lines, CSR, etc)
  • To register for sessions, click the RSVP Now link and then click the Going button for either On-Site or Online attendance.  You must be logged in to the website to RSVP.
  • We ask that you please RSVP to everything you plan to attend – breakouts, meals, etc.  
    • This will help us be better prepared for you, and not be wasteful with HUG funds.  
    • By knowing if you intend on going to breakfast each morning, and visiting with exhibitors as well, we’ll know if we should order breakfast for 100 or 400, etc.  
    • As it relates to the breakouts – each room has a capacity limit, especially with some social distancing being practiced.  So, the RSVPs ensure we don’t have 100 people in a room that holds 50.  
    • If there is a session that you didn’t get into (because it’s full), don’t fret, it’s being recorded, so you can catch it later.  But with 7 sessions per hour, there will likely be few, if any, challenges seating everyone in the breakout of your choice.

General Sessions

HawkSoft’s co-founders and executive team will be presenting both general sessions (Monday & Tuesday morning at 8:30-9:45am each day). Check out what they will be covering!


Because this conference is a HYBRID meeting, these pages are actually virtual “rooms”.  Each session will be live streamed.  The specific breakout rooms (Palm 1-3, Sunset 1-3, etc.) indicate where in the hotel that session is being held (for in-person attendees), but is also where the camera/live stream feed will be displayed – meaning its not grouped by topic, it’s grouped by the location of the actual camera crew.  This is the tab you will go to WATCH each live session (or recording after the fact).


One of the biggest values in attending HUG National (in-person) is the opportunity for 1:1 time with an employee of HawkSoft – you can ask them any burning HawkSoft questions or struggle, and they will do their best to help teach you, solve any issues you’ve been having within the system, and also learn from you what HawkSoft can do to improve functionality for future releases.  On this tab, you can also schedule time in advance within the lab.  

Exhibit Hall

The reason HUG is able to hold this conference is through the support of its amazing and generous partners! 

  • We encourage you to check out all the vendors and take the time to connect with some of their representatives over the conference (and before and/or after).  
  • You can schedule time with them to chat through calendly (in-person or virtual).  
  • There are many partners from several categories including – marketing tools, payment processing companies, VAs, consulting firms, and more.    
  • See what they have to offer, and win prizes along the way (bingo card, etc. for in-person attendees). Stop by everyone’s booths during meals, breaks, and please consider picking 1 session hour, will you spend dedicated time in the exhibit hall.  
  • Don’t forget…you won’t miss anything! All sessions are being recorded to view for up to 6 months at your leisure.


Check out the resort to see all it has to offer. You can still “book a room” from the drop down if you have not yet made your hotel reservation.  The cost is $177/night.  A floor map of the event space is also available.


Last but certainly not least, are the networking pages.  Who doesn’t love the community pages?  Within this section, you can do two main things:  

  • See the other attendees registered for the conference and connect with them (including sending messages).
  • Join a group – these are much like Facebook groups, where members can post questions and comments under the Feed and other group members can “like” or “comment”.  
    •  Each solution circle topic has been pre-loaded/built as a group – for anyone who wants to chat about that specific topic and get ideas and feedback on certain areas. 
    • You can join as many groups as you want.  
    • We ask everyone to join the “general attendee group” so you can see messages meant for all attendees.  
    • As we get closer, you will also be able to set up your OWN groups – public or private.  For example, if you want to put together a dinner group for Monday night at a specific restaurant, you can build the group and attendees can join you for dinner (so you know how many to make the reservation for, etc.).  Or, if you’re bringing your team of 5 from your office, you can also build a “private” group only for those folks from your agency – to chat about what you’ve learned each day, make arrangements for meal times, schedule trips to the airport, etc.

Most of the website is self-explanatory, but if you are interested in HUG holding a short pre-conference webinar teaching you how to use the conference website/system, stay tuned – we will set up a 30 minute webinar in the next week or two.

We invite you to explore, and enjoy and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re struggling with anything.  Please note, this is a brand new website/tool, built from scratch, so like all new things – it’s not perfect, so we hope you’ll be patient and understanding as we continue to improve upon what we’ve started.  We hope you will find it a great help to you.  Wishing it was a “mobile app”?  Yes, we are too, BUT, like all websites, it can also act like a mobile app by simply saving it to your phone screen as an icon, so you can access it quickly and conveniently.  For directions on how to do that, keep scrolling…

Add a link to the site on your phone so you can launch it like an app during the conference.